VxLAN BGP EVPN on Nexus 9000v – Part 1

Last Thursday i got a notification that there are new images out for the Nexus 9k. First thing i checked was if there is one too for the Nexus 9000v. And yes, there was it: 7.0(3)I6(1). Next thing to check was if Cisco integrated the highly anticipated feature VxLAN BGP EVPN. And after a bit of searching (since there were no release notes) i found it in the already updated NX-OSv 9000 Guide:

Of course I immediately wanted to test it, but i had a real lab available over the weekend, so that had to wait. But now i had the time for a simple setup to test it. And I’m so glad -> It does work great! In the following days i will do a test with a bigger setup and also do a VxLAN Routing setup.

Here is the configuration i used. Since (beside of the IPs) the config is the same for every Leaf and Spine. I did just put in one for each of them:

Heres the verification:




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10 Thoughts to “VxLAN BGP EVPN on Nexus 9000v – Part 1”

  1. Nestor

    How much RAM did you spend to set up this test topology/

    1. Hi Nestor!

      I’ve testet it with 8GB and 4GB of Ram per Nexus 9000v and it worked fine with both. Then you should have about one CPU Core per Nexus.

      You can just add up the RAM and CPU per device you want to simulate. From my experience, it’s safer to overbook the CPU then the RAM.

  2. Roland Pet?


    I tried to build a very similar lab, except that I used VPC pairs as leaf. After a reboot the nve interface is simple lost from the running configuration, but it is present in the startup. I cannot add the interface again, becouse I do not have nve option after interface keyword. I also tried to reenable the VXLAN relevant features, but it did not help either. Have you ever seen something like this?


    1. Hi!

      Which features were enabled after the reboot? Which one did you reenable? Which gns3 version are you running and which 9000v version?

      I saw similar behavior with gns 1.x, but since 2.0 it looks much better …

  3. syn

    Noticed the same issue, using UNL,. Everything was configured working fine, after some reeboots int NVE was not present . I will try to make a new lab setup but It smells like a bug.

    1. I’ve never tried UNL. But since it already did work, could really be a bug …

  4. John Taylor


    Where did you get the 9000v code from CCO? If so, how did you make it work on GNS3?

  5. George Solorzano

    Hi great stuff man !!

    One question, do you know if multicast is supported in Nexus 9000v on the data plane ?

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