APIC / Nexus Factory Reset

Today there’s an easier topic. How to reset your ACI Fabric (APIC and Nexus Switches) to factory defaults.

First. Log into your Nexus 9k via the CLI or Console:

Switch# setup-clean-config.sh
Switch# reload
This command will reload the chassis, Proceed (y/n)? [n]: y

Second. Log into your APIC via ssh or local Console (Monitor or KVM over CIMC):

log in as "admin" or "rescue-user"
acidiag touch clean
acidiag touch setup
acidiag reboot

Once you’ve done that, continue with the new fabric initialization:

  1. Only power up the first APIC and do the basic (CLI based) setup. #1
  2. Then do a full fabric discovery
  3. After that Power up APIC2 and continue with the setup via the CLI.
  4. Wait till APIC2 it is added to the fabric.
  5. Continue with powering up APIC3 and do the setup via the CLI.
  6. Wait till APIC3 it is added to the fabric.

After that, continue with the fabric configuration.

If you still can’t login into your APIC1 after you did the setup, and booted it up for at least 15-20 minutes. Check your Leaf’s which are directly connected to the APIC if they are still show the old Hostname. When you come to this. Wipe this two switches again and then immediately reset the APIC 1 again (clean, setup, reboot).

Hint #1: If you do the setup on the APIC via the Serial Port rather than KVM/Monitor. The Boudrate once it’s booted up to the setup is 115200.

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