VXLan Flood&Learn on Nexus 9000v with GNS3 2.0

I had quite a lot of troubles with Nexus 9000v on GNS 1.5 with VXLAN. In fact, after finishing the config (with the same Layout used that you see above) it always ended up with the loopback source interface for the NVE Interfaces getting shutdown by the switch. I didn’t had the time to investigate it (beside the fact that i tried to get it work a lot of times …), but this week i upgraded the environment to GNS 2.0. And there was a very welcomed surprise -> It works 🙂

Update: Ariel Liguori mentioned that PIM-bidir is not official supported as a multicast underlay with VXLAN on the Nexus 9k: 

  • For 7.0(3)I2(1) and later, bidirectional PIM is not supported for underlay multicast.

At the End of this posting there is the original PIM configuration for PIM bidir for all 4 Switches.

So, here is the configuration for Leaf_1&2 and Spine_1&2.

And finally the test from PC1->PC2 and PC2->PC1


This is the (currently on the 9k not supported) relevant bidir configuration


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  1. Loay Almouazzen

    Hi Martin,

    After long troubleshooting session I just find your blog, Many thanks for the great illustration

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