Interesting Reads

This Page is a collection (or what it was called agesĀ ago a Link-List) for pages with interesting stuff for my work and study.

The Blog from Adam Raffe:

It was one of my first sources when i started with ACI. Also, check out his very interesting sessions on Cisco Live.

The Blog from Jose Moreno:

Even if he had left Cisco at the end of 2016, you still find a LOT of useful stuff on his blog. Also his Twitter account (@erjosito) is a good source of inspiration!

The Blog from Ariel Liguori:

I just stepped over this blog very recently, but it’s a great source for VxLAN knowhow. Also he just passed the CCIE DC Exam and the CCDE and he’s VCIX-NV as well. So he’s pretty much the ideal source of informations for my next steps šŸ˜‰

The Blog from Nicolas Vermande:

InterestingĀ Blog about ACI and automation.

The Blog from Richard Strnad:



That’s it for starters, more Links will follow as the time continues šŸ™‚