ACI – Access the Snapshots via CLI

When I planned to do a factory reset of my APIC in the Lab, I wanted to create a snapshot of the current configuration directly copy it down to my Laptop. Over the GUI, there is no way to do this. You can just create a local snapshot on the APIC or send it to a remote location which needs to be a FTP/SCP/SFTP Server. But you can’t simply download it.


After a bit of research, I figured out how to locate the file on the file system of the APIC and how to download it. It’s actually pretty easy:

The first necessary command is: show snapshot files


To find in which folder the APIC is storing the snapshots is a bit more tricky. If you do a standard find / -iname ce2_DailyAutoBackup-2017-06-07T09-00-27.tar.gz you’ll get a ton of “Permission denied” and “No such file or directory” messages.


I haven’t found a way to get sudo working with the find command, I had to to a small tweak to the find command so that it don’t list the Permission denied and No such file or directory.


Then you’ll go into the following directory:


And then you’ll take your favorite SFTP/SCP Client (WinSCP, Filezilla) and get the File from there.



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  1. Dan

    Nice tip, thanks. Great blog with new technology!

    1. Thank you for your feedback Dan!

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