Alcatel Omniswitch

Saving the configuration:

Usually the Switch should be in working Mode. In working mode the configuration can be modified. It’s possible in certified mode too, but that’s get you into trouble. While the bootup the working and certified needs to be the same. Otherwise the switch is booting into certified mode. The Files can be found in certifed/boot.cfg and working/boot.cfg. You can show them with more and edit them with vi.


Opterating Modes working/certified:

View in which configuration the surch currently is: show running-directory

Bad example:

Copy working certified missing:

Good example:

Common problems:

ERROR: Write memory is not permitted when switch is running in certified mode

This is how to solved this one:


ERROR: This file may be overwritten if “takeover” is executed before “certify”

This is ok after write memory and before copy working certified


There are plenty more of useful CLI Commands for the Omniswitche to find on this page->