ACI – Cleanup “leftovers” from Wizards

Sometimes it happens that there are config parts on the APIC left, that you can’t delete in the GUI since there is no delete option.

Here is one example:


Those are the un-deletable objects:

So to get rid of it you could factory reset the APIC (which is not really suitable), Call TAC, or just delete it yourself via the REST API or the CLI. I’ll go into detail for the last two ones.



Delete it via REST API

Right-Click on the object and “save-as”

When you open the file you’ll find the following:

The next step is to add status=”deleted”

And then use Postman and send it via a POST Request to the REST API of the APIC:


Delete it via the CLI

Connect to the APIC via ssh.

apic1# cd /mit/uni/tn-common 

apic1# ls
BD-default        bgpCtxAfP-default  cif-default   ctx-default          eigrpIfPol-default   flt-est   fp-default            mo                  oobbrc-default               out-default       provp-default  svcCont
absFuncProfContr  bgpCtxP-default    clp-default   dhcpoptpol-default   eigrprtsumm-default  flt-icmp  hsrpGroupPol-default  monepg-default      ospfCtxP-default             outdef-default    qoscustom-default  rtrCfg-default       taboo-default
acIpToIp-default  bgpPfxP-default    connInstrPol  domain-common        epRPol-default       fp-3      hsrpIfPol-default     monitorpol-default  ospfIfPol-default            pimifpol-default  qosdpppol-default  rttag-default        tnlctx-default
ap-default        bgprtsum-default   cont          domain-default       flt-arp              fp-5      igmpIfPol-default     ndifpol-default     ospfrtsumm-default           pinningp-default  recordpol-default  snPol-default        vdestgrp-default
bfdIfPol-default  brc-default        ctx-copy      eigrpCtxAfP-default  flt-default          fp-7      l2out-default         ndpfxpol-default    out-__ui_ospf_node_101_id_1  pol-default       rsTenantMonPol     summary              vsrcgrp-default

apic1# modelete out-__ui_ospf_node_101_id_1
This command is being deprecated on APIC controller, please use NXOS-style equivalent command

apic1# moconfig commit
This command is being deprecated on APIC controller, please use NXOS-style equivalent command
Committing mo 'uni/tn-common/out-__ui_ospf_node_101_id_1'

All mos committed successfully.


That’s how to get rid of this leftovers so that you’ll have a clean config. Thanks here to Dirk Woe, Adam Ordal and Russell Henderson who shed some light on this so i could figure it out!

Here’s also a link to Ciscos Troubleshooting Guide Chapter: Removing Unwanted _ui_ Objects

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