ACI – Basic Object Workflow

Here’s something I was working on for the last weeks. I saw some examples of such a diagram, but so far non of them really did satisfy me so i made my own. But i had a lot of support from other enginners, even some Cisco SE’s who did take a look and gave me some hints. I can’t really tell all names now, but rest assured I’m very glad you all did look over it!

So here it is. If you have comments, please leave a note or drop me an email!

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4 Thoughts to “ACI – Basic Object Workflow”

  1. satish

    Very good representation of the object model. Are you missing VMM domain association

    1. Thx for the feedback. For the basic workflow i let it out (the same as the static ports). I tried to keep this one not too confusing. Maybe one some point i have the time for a more detailed (and or a version which is centric to the Fabric side).

  2. Wouter

    Sweet like sugar! Thank you!

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