N5600 – Verify Switching Mode

Usually you don’t have to change the hardware forwarding mode on the Nexus 5600 from the standard cut through to  mode. But if you want to run VxLan on them, you have to. The syntax to change the forwarding mode is pretty forward:

But after the change you need to reload the switch! And here is the problem. If you don’t do the reload immediately, there is was no show command to verify in which switching mode the switch actually is. It seems this problem reached the NX-OS Developers and with Release 7.3(2)N1(1) and 7.1(5)N1(1) there is now a way to verify in which mode the Nexus is: show switching-mode 

Here is the example before the reload:

And after the reload:



Lukas Krattiger responded on my post on LinkedIN with the syntax for the older NX-OS Versions. It isn’t as easy rememberable (for example in the LAB Exam i would rather hope for an upgrade to 7.3.2) but as long as you can look it up in the notes, it’s working:

Here on a switch where store-and-forward is enabled

And here on a switch that runs in cut through

Thanks at this point to Jakub Horbacewicz (vor the initial info for the new command) and to Lukas Krattiger for the on to check on the older hardware!


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2 Thoughts to “N5600 – Verify Switching Mode”

  1. adam

    Does other nexuses (7k, 9k, 9kv) need the switching mode to be set as store-and-forward for vxlan deployment? I run 9000v in my lab with default switching mode (cut-through) and vxlan works fine (At least from my point of view; because I’m new to vxlan and actually learning DC stuffs).

    1. Hi Adam,

      No, that’s a specific topic for the 5600 and their ASIC’s.



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