After getting VXLAN F&L to work on the Nexus 9000v. I thought why not trying the “easier one”, which was already tested a lot of times over the last 1-2 years. And well, i works out of the box.

How is it done?

  • CSR1000v as Leafs
  • IOU L3 Router (you can basically use any router that is capable of OSPF/ISIS/EIGRP and PIM)
  • VPCS als clients to ping
  • GNS3 to capture the Ethernet frames for a deeper understanding of what’s going on

At first you need basic connectivity and dynamic routing in your fabric. Since i played a lot with OSPF lately, it was a welcomed chance to freshen up the command syntax of ISIS:

Then it’s time for the pretty forward Multicast part.

Now it’s time for the VXLAN part

To get a good packet capture via Wireshark i did disable the links from Leaf_1 to Spine2-4. Heres the screenshot from Wireshark:

And that’s it, VXLAN F&L on the CSR1000v is working!

Thanks here to Jon Major and his great Blogpost about VXLAN and CSR1kv

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