And so it begins …

… but before a short flashback into 2007 and the following years:

After i left the Telco area to work for a Cisco gold partner, I got the chance to work on my first CCIE (R&S). About two years later, short before my first son was born, this mission was accomplished and i earned my Number (22456). The next years had the main focus on Routing/Switching/MPLS, also when i moved on to a vendor and did a lot of Telco support again it didn’t change a lot. Between working on the Cat6k’s, 7200’s, … I got to work on Nexus Switches a lot. Starting with the 5000 Series (not 5500, they came later into my professional life) which were pretty awful at the first NX-OS releases. And even if we were a bit concerned at the beginning (is a L2 only Switch in the DC really the future to the Cat6k?) i started to like them. When i later moved on to my current job, i got even more and more into the DC working field. Nowadays i mostly work with DC stuff: Nexus, UCS, ACI, ESX/vCenter/NSX, Storage.

After this short trip to the past, back to the presence. All this changes in my working field, finally led to only one decision: It’s time to work on my second CCIE. And or course it has to be the Data Center flavor. This Blog will follow my way, with all the up’s and down’s & fast lanes and obstacles. I absolutely can not foreseen all the topics will be covered here, but I have the impression that it will be a lot. For the early future i would count on VXLAN, ACI and some other stuff 😉

So if you’re also working on the CCIE DC (v2 what else) and you are interested in sharing your experience and/or cooperate in studying, please feel free to contact me here or on twitter (@nfvguy).

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